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Matt Villanueva, pop/rock producer and engineer in Los Angeles, California

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about me

I focus on what I do best:

Producing pop/rock music, and writing unforgettable songs.


"... it's about stepping into someone's world, understanding their vision, and translating it into a sonic masterpiece."


Luwey Rex



I recored my first EP here with Matt and it was an awesome experience! Everything was efficient, professional, and fun! As a new artist, Matt and Parachute Recording Studios exceeded my expectations and produced some SICK production to my lyrics. Highly recommended to any up and coming artists or professional singer/songwriters looking to produce their work.


Lizzie Markson



Working with Matt was a total dream!! He brought my seedling of a song (my first single!) to a whole other level and it became something beyond what I could've imagined or done all on my own. He is kind, collaborative, responsive, and timely. He is artistic and will truly elevate your music, yet he will always ensure that anything he contributes will be in support of YOUR vision. He's the best and I hiiiighly recommend budding songwriters to work with him. And I am thrilllled with and proud of my final product.


Rebecca Murillo



As an artist, it is important to find collaborators that are incredibly communicative and eager to fill out your vision of a project. Matt has been a joy to work with over the past few years helping me record demos and lending a hand in helping me understand my own music better. Truly, there's no one kinder than this guy and I suggest everyone go to him with all your musical needs. Oh, and did I mention he's a super talented artist/musician too? Cannot recommend him enough!

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